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Rear View Mirror


In the fleeting moments of life, when the hour glass of your time is nearly gone, what did you accomplish that made a significant difference in your world?

Were you known for your dashing style? Did folks stop and stare as you walked by? Perhaps you were in the Who’s, Who, listing or known for your impact on society. A Doctor, known for caring and curing or simply the best of the best or perhaps just an ordinary guy doing what you could.

Jesus hit the scene and like most Jewish boys accompanied his parents on the journey to Jerusalem. When all left, children sleeping over at Uncle Andy’s or Aunt Mary’s not all were in sight. His parents thinking, He was with family suddenly realized He was not, and in a panic headed back to Jerusalem. Braving a road that at best was dangerous with a crowd let alone a man and woman. Big town for a 12-year-old to wander around himself.

Why did they check the Temple? I’ve thought about that, first, it was the last place they had been, so it would be the logical place to begin the search. Perhaps He was a serious-minded youth, and talked about questions that they couldn’t answer and thought He would seek out counsel. Whatever the case Jesus began His ministry by confounding the teachers of the Law at the ripe age of 12.

After a night of prayer, he picked 12 men to follow and led them in a hands-on school of miracles, teaching, touching lives as no one had done before them. Teaching them the authority of the Word. He gave them power over demons, sickness and send them out to change the world. He did not think of the final words that would be inscribed on a grave marker, or of stories told over and over. His methods were not to make a name for Himself, in fact He tried to keep it quiet because His time hadn’t come.

Let this day be the beginning of a passionate life of service.

Let it begin with our prayer time, getting to know the Lord of light. Communing with Him until we know him intimately.

Let us let the Agape love of Christ so transform our lives that our words will carry power to change a sin sick world.

We are living in a “Post-Christian Age” with a society filled with people who have no hope. Instead of serving the Lord, many have moved into self-interest.

Finding fulfillment in sports, hobbies, ever spreading divorce and affairs, somehow folks justify their actions. Our task is to give hope by living in a manner that helps others know that which we profess is real.

Hope by lifestyle, hope by our faith in our Savior and trust that Heaven is a short distance.

What will they say about you?

Now, that’s a thought,


Pastor Mike!

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