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The Rear View Mirror

“What do we really believe? What do you, believe?” Have you ever been asked questions about the Bible? How it was written and who wrote it? What the Church you attend and what it believes or asked what you, as a Christian believes? Have you been told as long as you believe in something it’s alright? What if you responded with a few questions too? “How can you be forgiven?” “When you die will you spend eternity in Heaven?” “Heaven, I hope.” “Why do you think you’d get to Heaven?” If you pursued the question they respond, “Because I was born in America.” Sadly, many think because they are Americans they slide into the Christian fold. Many are totally unaware of the sin penalty man received following the sin in the Garden of Eden. Some folks are totally in the dark when it comes to what is required to be free from sin. We as believers, are a privileged group. Forgiven by Creator God, His son making intercession for us. Our sins removed forever to be remembered against us never again. A promise of Heaven an eternal place that goes far beyond description. Reunions with loved ones who have gone before us. Ushered into the presence of the Lord. Rejoicing around the Heavenly Throne. No time there, no sickness, no sadness or getting old. What a place to be! The Word simply declares, “You must be born again.” Jesus was speaking here to Nicodemus. We are told by Saint Paul, “All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Romans 3:23.” “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord .” Romans 6:23 “But God commends his love toward us in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) The message is fairly simple. Our task is to tell our story of how the Lord brought us into a realization of the need of God in our lives and the necessity of forgiveness. The new life we have when we are forgiven. The power to live our lives is from above and we are recipients of God’s redemption. Our voices must never tire of telling the story. Our churches must grow not because we need finances or numbers. Not because we need to have a number saved, baptized or joined our membership. Our task is to touch lives with the bold message of redemption. And our beliefs are known by the world. They know better than do we, what our attitudes and actions must be. Let us bring them into the Kingdom, announce boldly God’s miracles of Grace.

Now, that’s a thought, Love, Pastor Mike!

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