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The Rear View Mirror

A few years back with “Old Time Days” Friday evening was just another day…that is, until my wife called and invited me to eat supper at our local café called Neighbors. “Oh, you’ll have to park by Sonic because it’s crazy here.” So, I walked down through the maze, amazed. For a time when our financial climate is so stressed, the job market so slim, there seemed to be an abundance of spending going on. Got to the café and ate supper and then decided to check it out. We listened to a group with three big drums, several stringed instruments and a guy dancing with a fire stick. Judy had taken Dan, Tiff and Diamond to the rides, and I wandered through the maze of people. Gail’s Harley group was there with a great display of motorcycles, anything you could wish for if you liked bikes, and I do. A whole row of bikes on display. All kinds of people were there. A number of bikers were there and many dressed like bikers, others in western garb, teens wearing the grunge look, and every other way of dressing, or less dressing, that you could imagine. Then to the end of the street, a large tent with a rock band playing. Hundreds of folks gathered to hear the band. I don’t know the name of the band, I guess everyone there except me knew them. The musicians were good and several of the songs I recognized, however I couldn’t understand most of the lead singer’s words. He was in his 40’s, ball hat backwards, long brown hair, scarves tied to his belt loops, a tank top, jumping like last year’s Jack in the Box winner and proclaiming that he could say or sing what he wanted. I was amused that people from the 60’s to teens of this day were jumping, singing the words and responding to the singer. Who said there was a generation gap? The band wasn’t that bad or good. So, what attracted them? Why did they respond to the music that way? What brought them out? We as Christians need to find a way to tap into the “Why they came” and build on it. Jesus and His disciples went about touching lives and multitudes gathered. He didn’t play a mean guitar, which helped, or thump the bass or carry the beat with the drums. He didn’t scream through every song He sang. He did however, find and touch their need. Perhaps in our desire to build a following in the “church of today” we need to continue our path of the obvious. Meet “the need” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love the unlovable, extending our hands of fellowship, provide a “safe place” to converge regardless of where they came from. I am saddened that the modern era church seems to focus on a good time and not work toward revolution of a life. That night I saw people out for the radical and hungry for more. Lead on Lord to the radical and like the Apostle Paul, we’ll follow to gain our prize in Christ Jesus!

Now, that’s a thought, Love, Pastor Mike!

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