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The Rear View Mirror

Father's Day ponderings.

Joseph the unknown father: Little is known about this man, Joseph, who was the husband to Mary, father of Jesus. We can trace his linage back to King David, knowing he was a carpenter an honorable trade but little else.

Obviously, he was a man who served God and had contact with Him in a dream that caused him to make the proper decision concerning taking Mary as his wife. He worked hard to provide for his family and kept them safe when the enemies tried to snuff out their lives and fled to Egypt. We see his fear and concern when Jesus left them to chat with the religious leaders in the temple.

Did the religious leaders have a clue who they were dealing with? Did his parents understand his comments to them? Ever wonder if he had anything taken away because he didn’t stay on task with the families’ returning home? He at that time was 12, far from the Jew’s recognition of manhood. J

Joseph fathered other children who are recognized in the gospels and provided for his family. Most of us will leave this earth with less of a history to serve as a record of the value of our lives than Joseph left.

My father was a man of integrity. His name was Leo F. Buettner. A handshake would serve as a contract. A given word his bond. Rising early each day he prepared breakfast for his children and spouse, made coffee, packed his lunch and served as our alarm clocks. Banging and clanging he worked his magic making Cream of Wheat, Malt O Meal or Oatmeal... lumpy and often scorched. (What I'd give for a bowl of that cereal) and toast. Then he was off to work where he spent long days in the heat or cold working on taxi cabs to provide a living to care for his wife and 6 children. Amazing how he did it. He was Roman Catholic and faithfully attended mass weekly never missing.

He taught us the value of the word, of giving your all and making the best of each circumstance that came his way. I saw him frustrated, stressed, yet never did he slow down or quit. He worked on his friend’s cars after work to help keep food on the table, and then settled down to finish the day. I don’t remember him complaining. He got saved in his 70’s and served the Lord until called home never missing mass or church with mom.

When he left we, who were scattered, came home to pay our last respect to the man who set for us the example. Bill, Harlan, Dave and I took part in the memorial service. We loved him because he first loved us. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Father’s Day is a celebration of those who made life possible for us. Dads, we salute you and thank you. To my father, thank you dad for your sacrifice and for allowing us to follow in your tracks. Heavenly Father, we praise you because you led the way for us, your creation, to live following Your direction!

That's a thought, Love Pastor Mike.

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