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The Rear View Mirror "A LONG DARK WINTER" 02.06.22

“It’s so hot in here! Doesn’t the air conditioner work anymore? Are you too young to remember when air conditioners were considered a luxury and fans were the order of the day? If no electric ceiling fans, then the “funeral” fans were supplied. By the way, the seats weren’t padded or shaped for us to sit in, just wooden planks and backs that held us upright if we were that lucky.

Winter has been on us and, yes, we’ve experienced some cold days in worship, thankfully the furnace in the Sanctuary is working as are the other two in this facility. The weather has been frigid at best, snow often on weekends and roads slippery, weather forecasters say, “Stay Home!”

Well, now, in the dead of winter many wish Spring or Summer would hurry up and come. Many will miss worship, because slipping to church is more than we can endure. I was reminded of the passage where Jesus told of the Bridesmaids and the Bridegroom. The 20 maidens were told to be ready. Lamps trimmed they were instructed to wait. But the Groom took his time, some came prepared others weren’t for a long night. When the trumpets sounded, announcing the bride groom, the ones ready made their way, while the others frantically tried to find oil and arrived too late to take part in the celebration.

What does that have to do with our long winter? Well, if you pay attention to what is happening to our world, you will realize that the scriptures tell us of things that are presently taking place. The Lord’s return is not far from happening. Wars continue to happen, with little promise of lasting peace. Covid has paralyzed us for two years now. Storms, raining down, Tsunami’s to torrential rains and snows that set new records in the middle of “Global Warming” or whatever it’s called today. With the melting snows will come more flooding. Tornados & Hurricanes have rendered many places helpless, and a country so devastated by earthquake that Hundreds of thousands perished, and multitudes left homeless. Our economy is tumbling end over end… where will it stop? Well, the Bible tells us there’s more to come before the Lord returns.

May I remind you of the good news? Jesus is Lord. He told us to come to Him and He would give us rest. He would gather us up as a mother hen would gather her chicks under her wings to provide safety, if we would let Him. Don’t you think it’s time?

Lord, we need you to cover us with your blessing. We are tired and weary from the battles of life and need your touch. Bless your people one more time… Amen.

Now, that’s a thought, Love, Pastor Mike!

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