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The Rear View Mirror Tapestry of Life

Many times, I’ve wandered through a store that had large tapestries hanging on display. I’ve looked them over. The front has intricate weaving and the back is a bleeding menagerie of a confusion, colors blended together as each string touches the other. It is nothing but amazing how one can make any sense out of the threads that make the woven picture. Who thought of the way to accomplish that?

One of the loves of my life is art. Taking a pencil and translating what the eye sees into a picture is most amazing. What ends up on the paper is a translation of how the artist interpreted what he saw before him. I’ve spent many hours sketching, using charcoal, watercolor, acrylics and oils to achieve what I’d seen.

Again, today I was reminded of how the Lord interweaves us into the lives of people often having no clue at the time what has happened. Common places where our lives have intersected, places where family and friends have come from, all a part of the plan of the Father to present a more excellent way.

The reasons why we spend our lives in certain places, jobs, all play an important role in the plan the Lord has for us. Each encounter a part; a thread of the whole picture being created.

When we have opportunity to tell the story, or spend the time listening to others, we become an important part of their story as well as our own.

Laughter, songs, breaking bread with others, prayer meetings, Bible studies, discussion all become an important part of the plan of the master designer.

So, my thought for you today my friends is this. How do you fit into the tapestry that God is weaving? Do your colors match? Are you pliable to the weaver’s touch? Have you allowed Him to use you as He needed, not as you wanted?

When we get there, on the other side, we will see the total picture and it’s going to be awesome!! Paul said, we see through a glass darkly, but some day we will see clearly face to face.

I like that don’t you?

Now, that’s a thought,


Pastor Mike!

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